Thursday, May 06, 2010


Our backyard is officially a swamp. And you guessed it—I can credit this newest development to our two youngest boys, too. Seems like they are getting the rap for a lot of deeds lately, but trust me, they deserve it.

Last night was actually pretty fun and relaxing, and we enjoyed an extended play time outside. I even let the little stinkers stay up later than usual in the hopes that they might actually sleep better and do less fighting with me when bedtime actually rolled around. (For anyone who is thinking about trying this, I will let you know now that it did not work. My theory was that if I made them even more tired by playing outside longer, then they would collapse in a grateful heap in their beds and not make a peep until morning. Nope, didn’t work.)

Anyway, they have discovered the hose. And they love, love, love the hose. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the highlight of their day is to turn the hose onto full blast fireman-power flow and spray it at anything that moves. This, evidently, is fun. (Ok, and I’ll admit it was pretty funny to see the neighbor’s yippy dog get sprayed. It’s the little things that make life so sweet.)

I bought the boys one of those water play tables for outside on the patio this summer, and it is their new favorite toy. Seriously, if I could put this thing in bed with them to entertain them and make them happy while falling asleep, I totally would.

But I soon discovered that the water table is not enough. Yes, the water in the table is fun, but do you know what’s even more fun? Spraying the water everywhere but in the table! This is what’s fun. So this is what they did for about 45 minutes last night as I ran inside to check dinner and then back outside to turn off the spigot…and then back in…and then out. (And no worries, my little pumpkins were in my sight the entire time.)

As it turns out, these creatures we call children are actually rather intelligent. Every time I would open the door to go and check on dinner, they would both make a sprint toward the spigot, and no sooner would the door shut than I would hear the tell-tale squeak of the spigot turning and water pouring from the hose.

Every time, I would go out and turn the water back off and nicely tell them they had plenty of water in their play table. And every time, they would politely nod and then wait until I went inside the house to turn the water on again.

By the time dinner was done, we had a wetlands in our backyard that would make a Florida gator proud. I’m pretty sure the coolest part of the entire thing is that funny little sound their wet shoes make when they squish on the concrete.

When it was time to go inside, Jadon was shivering, and when I tried to peel him out of his wet clothes, he protested with the usual toddler veracity. But I won. Oh, yes I did. I have no doubt that this afternoon we will go outside, and the boys will nod and tell me they will play with the water in their table, and instead we will add to the swampy yard and fight over the hose once again. Happy Spring!

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