Tuesday, June 01, 2010

SpongeBob, My Hero

Who would have ever imagined?  There are lots of people I could idolize right now, but tops on the list is SpongeBob.

Why? you might ask.  Well, I’ll tell you.  After MONTHS of grueling attempts at potty training two boys—two boys, might I add, that are over three years old and perfectly capable of knowing when it’s time to go pee in the potty—I was part of the following conversation:

Me:  Hey, boys, who wants to go swimming?  (This, as I hold out two pairs of swim trunks with pineapples printed all over them.)

Jadon:  I go swimming.  That’s SpongeBob’s house (said while pointing at aforementioned pineapples on the trunks).

Me:  Yes, it is.  (Blah, blah…whatever, just put the pants on.)

Jadon:  I can’t pee on SpongeBob’s house.

Me:  (In a rare moment of mommy enlightenment.)  Yes!  YES!  You are right…it would not be nice to pee on SpongeBob’s house!  (Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to pee on Mommy’s carpet, but that’s neither here nor there.)

At this point, I’m near hyperventilation as I realize the utter HUGENESS of this gift I have been given!  A glimpse into the 3-year-old mind!  It was a scene much like the one you might imagine of a cartoon mad scientist shouting “Eureka!”—complete with the wild hair and frazzled gaze.  I had discovered the secret to potty training my boys—at last, a major scientific discovery sure to affect generations of potty trainers to come!

And yes, they spent pretty much the entire weekend in those pineapple swim trunks, and I’m pretty sure they can count on wearing them throughout the week.  I’m wondering when I might get the opportunity to wash them, but for now, I’m just grateful that my boys don’t smell like a urinal.  Oh yeah, and if anyone has any hand-me-down clothing that might have pineapples on it, please send it my way.

SpongeBob, I swoon at the mere mention of your name.

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