Thursday, June 03, 2010

Today's Forecast--Bargains With a Chance of Freebies

It’s that glorious time of year, the day we have all been waiting for—the day we will finally (maybe) be able to see our garage floor again.  For 12 months now, since the last garage sale, we have been preparing for this year’s garage sale, piling mountains and mountains of crap we swear we will never accumulate again into the garage.  All for this momentous occasion…The Eagle Creek Annual Garage Sale!

I have stacked and folded and organized and priced, and now the time has come to get rid of these huge piles of stuff we have been hanging on to.  Tonight, the streets will be alive with throngs of bargain-hunting, quarter-toting professional garage-sale shoppers.  And boy, do I have a deal for them.  Lots of deals.

So here’s the thing.  What IS it with kids and garage sales?  Do they not understand that a garage sale is our way of sharing with the universe (or the neighborhood) some of the things we have had the good fortune to own?  Seriously, I have collected toys and games and STUFF for months, stuff that my kids do not use, play with, or show any interest in whatsoever.

Until it’s garage sale time.  Then, it’s, “Oh, that’s my long-lost purple fuzzy Polly Woggle!” and “Why are you getting rid of my favorite bottle of Eau de Funkytown perfume?”

Seriously?  Boys, I am getting rid of the play vacuum cleaner because you have not looked at it in over 11 months.  Girls, I am getting rid of the hand-knit sweaters you got from Great-Great Aunt Gertrude because they are hideous.  Any more questions?

And Honey, yes, I AM getting rid of the dress shirts you have had since 1985.  Why?  Well, let me tell you.  Because I can…that’s why!  BWA-HA-HA-HA!

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