Thursday, May 16, 2013

Conversation With My Husband

Me: I need to go to Vegas for my certification.  We can go together and make it a vacation.

Jason:  Ok.  I can entertain myself in Vegas while you are busy.  There are lots of waffles there.

Me:  Sounds good to me.  But why do you want waffles in Vegas?

Jason:  I didn’t say ‘waffles,’ dumbass.  Why would I want waffles in Vegas?

Me:  Not sure, but if you want waffles, you should get them.

Jason:  I said ‘brothels.’  There are lots of BROTHELS in Vegas.  I could entertain myself.  Har.  Har.

Me:  Maybe you should stick with waffles.

Jason:  So no brothels?

Me:  Um, no.

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