Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pansies…And Not the Ones In My Garden

We are raising them.  Cultivating them.  Growing them like little allergen-affected, pale-skinned peanut plants that will get blown over by the slightest springtime breeze.  I’m not sure what’s happened in the last few years, but I remember the days when I would have happily rolled around in a vat of extra-crunchy peanut butter and then frolicked in a field with a bundle of helium-filled latex balloons.  Hell, my kids would still happily do that.  So what’s going on out there with the kid-slingers who are now afraid to accidentally let their kids rub up against a stray kernel of corn or slurp a drop of milk?

I don’t normally rant on my blog, and this one will get me flattened by the crusaders who are working to eliminate all peanut violence.  They will be the first ones to jump on me, BUT here’s the thing:  I’ve got kiddos, too, and one of my chosen little guys came to us malnourished and unable to gain weight.  You know the only way he could put on pounds?  Yep, you guessed it.  It was to eat spoons and spoons of the delicious goop that is now being framed as the evil food.  Peanut butter was the ONLY thing that would help him gain weight, and as a mom who was looking out for him, I fought just as hard to get him his nutrition as those who are fighting to keep it out of his school.  So, you see, there are different sides to every story.

Yesterday, we received a note from the local high school that popcorn is now on the banned list of foods.  I’m not sure where it ends.  Cheese probably makes a lot of kids have excess gas…well, that and all dairy foods, but mainly because it’s an intolerance and NOT an allergy.  Should we eliminate dairy from schools because it makes some people fart?  I’m not asking anyone to roll around in a tub of freshly popped corn, but I am saying that my Senior daughter should be able to take her low-fat chip alternative to school for lunch.  Don’t eat the popcorn if you don’t want to.

And I know, people will say something about it being in the air or in the environment.  But what are these kids—near-adults—going to do when they are out in the real world and other humans are eating popcorn?  Are they going to call the popcorn police?  Or are they going to find ways to cope with their physical issues?

Everyone has physical issues and burdens to bear.  I get migraine headaches.  When women wear obnoxiously thick perfume or when men practically bathe in cologne, I can feel the headache coming on, but I don’t get to call the migraine police.  I don’t get to tell Mama about it, and no one makes it go away for me.  I simply find ways of working around my difficulties.  It’s called life.  Sometimes it sucks.  And sometimes it’s a great big, juicy and delicious PB&J sandwich.  Just enjoy it when you can and stop trying to restrict it for others just to make it better for yourself.

Let’s teach our kids to grow up to be strong and capable and not the first ones to blow over in a storm. 

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