Saturday, August 06, 2016

An Impact So Great

Sometimes the smallest people teach us the biggest lessons.  And today that was proven a thousand times over.

While helping hand out school supplies to children in need, I stood with a small, quiet 1st-Grade boy who just couldn’t decide on the backpack he wanted.  And that was just the first step.  Without the backpack, we couldn’t start filling it with his much-needed supplies.

After going back and forth several times, looking over the many selections, the little guy finally chose a bright orange Fila backpack.  It was one that was designated for older kids.  We didn’t have many set aside for high schoolers, so we were trying to get the younger kiddos to choose the superhero backpacks or the ones that were more suited to their age.

But my little guy had decided.  He loved the orange backpack, and that’s the one we went with.  And with a little pushback from the director, we moved on through the line and began filling it with his supplies.

At each station, he was able to choose the supplies that coordinated with what was required on his list.  He could choose notebook colors and folder styles and even what kind of tissue boxes he wanted.  But the thing that stood out was that he ALWAYS chose pink when it was an option.

When we got to the eraser station, I asked him, “Do you want the bag with all the pink erasers or the one with all the different colors?”  Once again, he went for all pink.

But at that moment, he also brought three grown women to tears.  He said, “My momma died and pink was her favorite color.  When I see it, it makes me think of her.”

Needless to say, he left the church with every single supply he could possibly need for 1st Grade, but even more important that than, he taught all of us a lesson.  Sometimes rules are meant to be broken…and at the moment, we may not even know why.  For some reason, I just knew that little boy needed that orange backpack—and he was going to get it.

He may never remember the lady who gave him the orange backpack, but I can guarantee I will ALWAYS remember him.  He touched my life more than I can say.

While we’re all rushing around and hustling to get through tax-free weekends—and while we’re gathering school supplies and maybe even complaining about everything that’s needed for school—this year, I feel really, really lucky and blessed to simply be here with my kids.

Sure, it’s expensive and hectic.  And it’s crowded in the stores, and our kids complain.  But if we’re lucky enough to be out there buying new clothes and supplies, and if we’re lucky enough to just be with our kids…then we’re lucky enough.

Enjoy every moment, moms and dads.  And be sure to hand out kind smiles freely to those kiddos who may need them!

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